Welcome to new dimensions

3D is developing fast. The technologies, that were earlier available only for larger Hollywood studios, have now become more accessible by agile creative agencies and their 3D artists. The sky is not the limit anymore as now we are only limited by our imagination.

The technology has developed so far that it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between a 3D image and a photo. Even the professionals find it hard to tell if a person behind an image is a talented photographer or a skilled 3D artist. Whereas a video or a photo is just one static capture, 3D can be utilized for many purposes. Once created, a 3D model can be used in various image and animation productions and re-used in marketing and communication purposes, product images, training manuals, guides etc. 3D also works great as a support for concept planning and for example designing company stands for fairs.

The 3D field will change a lot as big companies like Sony, HTC, Samsung, Google and Oculus continuously bring new ways to present 3D for the audience with VR glasses. The goal is to take people out of this world and make them feel completely new experiences. We are actively following the development and are excited to see what opportunities the future opens.

Roban Konna has had a great chance of working with some of Finland’s biggest companies to produce 3D visualizations and animations. The productions have brought technical evolution and new inspiration for us while keeping our eyes focused on the future beyond.

Matti Laakso

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