Aalto University – Space Visualizations

Aalto University, located mainly in Espoo and Helsinki, is an international university operating in the fields of technology, business and art. Aalto University has approximately 20,000 students and some 4,700 staff, of which about 390 are professors. The aim of the Aalto University is to provide new kinds of opportunities for multidisciplinary study and research and to deliver solutions to societal challenges through high-quality research and teaching.

Konna Visuals made concept pictures for Aalto University, where the aim was to visualise the upcoming renovation. The work consisted of designing different space solutions and interior design.

Architectural visualizations are great for visualizing how a business space or a building will look like after planning and construction phase. It’s also easy to illustrate e.g. how company’s products will impact the look of a building or business space. Often, when doing architectural visualizations, one can make use of the existing product 3D models a company might have.