Isover – OL-LAM-insulation installation

ISOVER is part of the international Saint-Gobain Group, which operates in five industries; wholesales, building materials, flat glass, packaging and high performance specialty materials, being the market leader in Europe or the whole world. Saint-Gobain operates globally in over 64 countries employing around 190,000 people, among the world’s top 100 leading industrial companies. Saint-Gobain is listed on the exchanges of Paris, London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Konna Visuals has provided Saint Gobain with product and solution visualizations and animation for instructional use. Our cooperation started in 2012 and continues to be strong.

The starting point for insulation installation instructions was to make it as visual and language free as possible. Modeling can be further used for any purpose, and replacing old text-based instructions will save money in translation costs.