Muotolevy Module – Product illustrations

Muotolevy – Building with new solutions. Established in 1974, Muotolevy is a highly evolving group of building products and services. The Muotolevy group includes five companies: Muotolevy Oy, Muotolevy Rakennustuotteet Oy, Muotolevy Tilaratkaisut Oy, Planson United Oy and Raitatuote Oy.

Konna Visuals has been involved in marketing Muotolevy since the reform of the corporate identity.

Muotolevy Module solutions bring relief to unattractive open-air offices. Portable and soundproof space-in-space solutions are an excellent and fast way to turn an open office into a modern and multifunction office that optimizes your business processes. In conjunction with the launch campaign, Konna Visuals designed humorous human characters supporting radio advertising, telling us in a fun way what kind of needs Module products and solutions have been designed for.